The Litchfield Women are Back

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Sorry I haven’t been around much, I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black since it came out on June 12th. This post has some spoilers in it so this is your warning. They aren’t earth shattering though so you won’t want to kill me I promise. IMG_8729.JPG

This season, as you can tell by the awesome candles Netflix sent me, takes a look at religion and how it affects the inmates. It reminds me of the herd mentality that anything that makes you feel good, you stick with it. The inmates do this with Norma. She makes them feel special and seen so they tend to flock to her. It’s an interesting thing to watch from a psychological and sociological standpoint. 


You also get a good look at some of the other inmates back stories. We got this in season 2 but it seems like this season the stories are a way for you to make the character’s felony charges less disturbing. Like Pennsatucky for example, I couldn’t stand her character before this season. I was hoping that someone would break her new teeth out and she would choke on them, but not in this season. I cried for her and the things that she has gone through and still going through. This isn’t focused on Piper and her life. It really focus’s on all of the inmates and their lives inside and outside of prison.

I love Orange is the New Black, it’s a guilt pleasure to laugh and cry about. We can watch all three seasons now streaming on Netflix!

Go binge watch and tell me your thoughts on the season in the comments below. 


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