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Get Your Dragon On


I love having girls that love How to Train Your Dragon. So you can imagine their excitement when I told them about the new Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge! Hiccup and Toothless are back in an all-new action-packed series. Their quest: to explore strange new worlds, seek out never-before-seen dragons and end the war between Vikings and dragons once and for all.   You get an exciting look into new Dragons throughout the series. Check out the trailer 

You can also watch How to Train Your Dragon 2 now on Netflix!

Netflix sent us a great collection of fun HTTYD stuff to get us excited about the show. Aside from my girls chasing the dog around the house with the inflatable sword, we’ve been drawing dragons on the porch with sidewalk chalk. It looks pretty awesome, doesn’t it?! 

Aside from my daughters loving dragons, I’ve also discovered that my oldest LOVES superheroes now. (Epic geek parenting win!) She has been watching Justice League Unlimited, Young Justice, and Marvel’s Avengers lately. I may get sucked into the show with her from time to time to see how Wonder Woman is kicking butt and how her relationship with Batman is going.

Yeah, I totally went there.


Hope you’re enjoying your summer!