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Fall Shows Refresh

I am a member of the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are all my own. 

If you need me I’ll be watching all my favorite shows because it’s PREMIERE WEEK! I’m so excited about all of my favorite shows returning. I always have to get ready for premiere week though. I have to go back and watch the last episode so I remember what happened. Thank goodness they are on Netflix so that I can refresh my brain before we jump into the new episodes. 

Scandal – Fit and Liv are finally going to have their relationship! But the state of things was left in a big hot mess at the season finale. Millie is getting the boot, so is Cyrus and Jake. Swoon, I was rooting for Jake. If you watch Scandal live, come tweet with us with the hashtag #PopePeopleScandal

Grey’s Anatomy – This picture alone makes me tear up a little. I’ve been watching Grey’s since it started. It’s what my husband calls Crying Thursday. Grey’s is no stranger to losing characters that we love doe to differences on set and careers, but losing McDreamy might cause a fatal blow to this show. I’m trying to be strong but it left me heart broken last season. Grey's Anatomy

Heroes Reborn – OMG can you believe it?! After 5 years, they finally brought back Hereos! I’m sad that a lot of the cast will be missing but they still plan on keeping the characters in spirit. Maybe I can hold on hope for a Claire scene. Heroes

 The Blacklist – James Spader is one of my favorite actors. He is amazing to watch on screen. Holy crap Lizzie shot Connelly, not that he didn’t deserve it but this coming season is going to be awesome with Liz and Red working together to keep her safe. They are both the most wanted individuals in America so it will be interesting. Blacklist

Once Upon a Time – Emma Swan is the new Dark One and she has completely disappeared from Storybrook. Now they have to find her and save her form the darkness. Spoiler alert, you get to see Merida and they jump ahead to a Dark Swan. Another great season on the rise. Once Upon a Time

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – We are getting a closer look at the Evolved as more and more come out in the battle. Agents of SHIELD

The Vampire Diaries – We lost Elena last season, thankfully she is only sleeping and maybe Nina will change her mind and come back to the show. It’s not going to be the same without her but I love watching the Salvator Brothers. unnamed (8)

The Originals – You love to hate him but I love watching Klaus and he tricky ways. This seson is going to be about protecting his daughter. unnamed (7)

American Horror Story – I’ve only watched the Coven season but I was told to go back and watch all of them because they are starting to tie things together each season. This season Lady Gaga joins the cast. unnamed (9)

Nashville – We were left with the cliffhanger of complications during Deacon’s surgery. Juliette left Raina’s label and Avery and her baby to go on tour. 

Empire – Lucious is in jail and Cookie is her rocking her bad self trying to take this company and help run it. The family is a torn mess and people are dying left and right! There is always a good twist every episode. 


What shows are you looking forward to seeing this fall season?