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Why Your Family Will Love Disney’s Fancy Nancy


Fancy Nancy Interview
Executive Producer/Director Jamie Mitchell and Story Editor Krista Tucker

Ooh La La! The beloved Fancy Nancy leaps out of the pages of the books and onto the screen as Disney Junior’s newest show. We sat down with Executive Producer/Director Jamie Mitchell and Story Editor Krista Tucker to talk about this great new show for kids. We also got to watch the first episode and I have to say, it’s sublime.


I love Nancy’s outlook on life and her world around her. She adds fancy to everything and exudes this confidence about her that is so special. I love that she uses big words and loves French, but most of all, she’s oh so chic!Fancy Nancy Interview

Krista Tucker took the vision from the books and brought it to the screen. She is the lead writer and story editor for Fancy Nancy. Just talking with her you could hear the excitement in her voice. Krista shares with us that only two of the books have been adapted so far for the screen and the rest are all original stories. They plan on continuing with this aspect of original stories.

The vocabulary is a main point in the series much like it was in the books. There are fancy words and French words. There is a French consultant to make sure they are being correct with the usage of the language. “Even though the words might be small, we want to make sure they are accurate,” Krista Tucker said. Très magnifique! I can’t wait to see what my little one picks up from the show!Fancy Nancy Interview

We wanted to hear about some of the casting choices for the show.

“Mia just stood out, she had this energy that is difficult to describe, she understood the dialog and how to deliver the comedic timing that was beyond her years. She brought an innocence to the character that I really responded to. Her singing skills are remarkable. She brings to the table this wonderful energy. I’ll record her while performing and the moves that she does I’ll integrate into the animation,” Jamie Mitchell said.

Alyson Hannigan who plays Nancy’s mom worked with Jamie Mitchell on Sophia the First. “I love her voice and the texture and her energy and I loved her in this role and it was clear pretty quickly that she was the person for that,” Jamie Mitchell said. Rob Riggle plays Nancy’s father. “He brings something to the character that is unique and something we didn’t expect. He’s a goofy dad like me so I can relate to him,” Jamie Mitchell said.

There are moments in Fancy Nancy that the parents can enjoy a good laugh as well.

“We know that co-viewing is very important for our audience and their families. Some of these silly moments that happen in our lives with our kids, we are connecting to that at an adult level and it’s funny to us in a different way. That was purposeful and I feel like that is threaded throughout our series,” Krista Tucker said.

Another aspect of the show is the music. “The only thing that Nancy would consider to be fancier than talking is singing,” Krista Tucker said. “The biggest inspiration for the music in the show is Nancy, the character herself. She is so fun, exuberant, full of life you are inspired to create songs that let her spirit come alive,’ Songwriter Matthew Tishler said.

There are so many great life lessons that the show introduces in fun ways. One of the episodes they shared with us teaches the lesson that “kids can fight for what they believe is right and that kids have voices and that their voices matter. They are more powerful than they know,” Kristy Tucker said. 

We can look forward to lots of great Fancy Nancy gear hitting shelves this year. As you can see above, I got to bring the Fancy Nancy doll home to Squish and she has been carrying her around the house everywhere. My daughters live in the ‘fancy’ world and put on ballet and fashion shows for me all the time. I can’t wait to share this show with them!

Fancy Nancy premieres on Disney Junior and Disney Now on July 13th at 11:00 am est!

FANCY NANCY – “Fancy Nancy” key art. (Disney Junior)